Calcium & Magnesium

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Consuming adequate levels of calcium, magnesium and vitamin D in the daily diet is difficult for many. However, it is especially important these days as our population ages and the need for these nutrients becomes more critical. Women and men of all ages who don't eat a balanced diet each day require supplemental calcium, magnesium and vitamin D. Calcium cannot be properly absorbed into the system without sufficient amounts of magnesium and vitamin D to help it along. Our Cal-Mag Citrate Complex with Vitamin D3 supports bone and nervous system health by providing these essential nutrients.

  • Vitamin D is necessary for calcium absorption
  • Provides highly bioavailable sources of citrate and amino acid chelate
  • Calcium is important for maintaining bone density and strength
  • Contains 2:1 calcium to magnesium ratio
  • Magnesium is added for its role in healthy bones and teeth
  • These two minerals support muscle and nerve function
  • SUGGESTED USE: Take four tablets daily with food.