Veggie Protein

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Organic VeggieProtein™ Powder provides significant quantities of the Earth’s most potent, sustainably harvested plant proteins:

✔ Organic sprouted whole grain brown rice protein concentrate

✔ Organic yellow pea protein isolate

✔ Organic chia sprout protein

✔ Organic instantized quinoa seed protein

 This unique blend of four powerful plant proteins collectively delivers a balance of all nine essential amino acids similar to high-quality animal protein. In addition, it has been certified USDA Organic and provides 18 g of protein from complementary plant sources with inherent essential amino acids, fiber and omega-3, -6 and -9s, plus a whole host of naturally occurring minerals for complete and balanced nutrition.

 Free of:

✔ Soy ✔ Gluten

✔ Dairy ✔ Lactose

✔ Additives ✔ Cholesterol

✔ Dyes ✔ GMOs

✔ Preservatives ✔ Fillers

✔ Saturated/Trans Fats

✔ Animal Products/By-Products

✔ Artificial Colors/Flavors/Sweeteners

✔ Added Sugar